Things We Like: Avocado Toast with Vegenaise

Avocado Toast with Vegenaise

Gwyneth Paltrow has given the world a great deal during her time on this earth. She won an Academy Award in a movie about a girl and a poet guy in a different era. She acted alongside Jack Black in this other movie about someone who could not see very well and may have needed glasses. She holds the distinction of being simultaneously the most beautiful and yet most hated woman in the world.

She is married to Chris Martin of Coldplay, whose music was better when he was sad and Gwyneth-less. Maybe they were all sadder people pre-Paltrow.
I don’t blame them.

One of her children is a crunchy fruit and the other a biblical figure.

She was engaged to Brad Pitt.

And while all those things vary on the “importance scale” in all of our lives, Gwyneth throws down the gauntlet with the single greatest contribution to quick-eating in the history of eating quickly. AVOCADO TOAST.

AVOCADO + TOAST!!!!! and Vegenaise and other things..WOW.

In her book “It’s All Good”, GP leaves a nice little section for the snack / meal she ‘eats the most’. She likes it so much she even has a picture of her making it next to a picture of the actual food item. There are a lot of those in her book, but this one covers two pages, so obviously she is trying to say something. Whatever she is saying, I am hearing. It is so good.

2014-01-17_Avocado Toast1692

The premise is simple.
-A good piece of toast (Gwyneth uses gluten-free bread, and we have noticed that it toasts very well, so we do the same)
-A slathering of Vegenaise (if you aren’t familiar with it then get familiar with it)
-Lemon juice (not totally necessary but nice)

And that’s it. The result, as Gwyneth so delicately puts it, is a “holy-trinity” of avocado, Vegenaise, and salt that is ridiculous to eat.

2014-01-17_Avocado Toast1690
Avocado Toast with Vegenaise

We tend to go a couple of steps further and make the base into an open-faced sandwich by adding cheese and some sliced meat. I don’t think Gwyneth would approve of that step but…ok.

Avocado Toast with Vegenaise

We appreciate you, Gwyneth, even if the world doesn’t.

10. February 2014 by Lawrence
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  1. This looks amazing! I make this sandwich all the time! Great photos too 🙂

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